I am proud of you my Child …….

Submitted by Arti Warikoo on Sun, 02/14/2016 - 17:34

“I am proud of you my Child…” is a statement that we as parents use very rarely. When we use this statement, something really big has happened. Either the child has scored a perfect 10 or he/she has really made it big in some interschool/interstate or international competition. And one important aspect that I would want to bring out in the statement itself is “I am”.
As a parent when I appreciate my child by saying I am proud, the immediate thought that comes to my mind is that the accomplishment my child has made is mine despite the fact that he or she is the one who has put in all the effort. What am I as a parent trying to do here? Appreciating the child for:
• the effort that they have put in or
• letting him or her fulfill my wish and thus in turn making me proud
In most cases it is the latter. If that was not the case, the statement should have been “You should be proud of yourself my child…”
However, I would still like to use the statement “ I am proud….” , when my child:
- Helps somebody cross the road
- Shows respect towards one and all
- Is sensitive towards the needy and helps them have access to basic amenities
- Makes a difference to one’s life on a regular basis
This will really make me feel proud as this is going to be a real testimony of the value system that we as a parent have imbibed in our child. In this completive world, it is imperative to feel proud of small little things that our children do to bring a smile on others face.